© by Johan Jaccob I johanjaccob.fr
© by Johan Jaccob I johanjaccob.fr


14th - 29th September 2012

Any better to start the club concert season than with a psychedelic heavy rock road show? All three bands will have new or re releases of their records with them. Check the skills of these amazing live bands at one of their concerts.


The Psychedelic Roadfestival goes into the next round!
From September 14 th until September 29 th, the Up In Smoke Roadfestival offers you finest heavy psychedelic rock music.

MONKEY 3 from Lausanne, well known for their outstanding live performance, will headline the evening.
The ones among you, who have already seen the band live, know what we are talking about.
Monkey 3 are constantly creating an excellent mixture of heavy, psychedelic, stoner and space rock.
Atmospheric and emotional!

For almost 15 years GLOWSUN has been on a journey through sheer endless distances of the musical cosmos. Consequently, the trio from Northern France continues their psychedelic trip. Swirling and heavy riffs meet the intelligent and playful foundation of the tight rhythm section, thus transforming the songs into compact sound clouds which surround and finally transport the listener into a completely new world.
Glowsun will present their new CD “Eternal Season” during the UP IN SMOKE Tour.

GRANDLOOM from Cottbus in Germany have already established their sound in the german underground scene.
Their great mix of 70´s rock, stoner, and psych leading them to trippy super jams…heavy, bluesy and always groovy.
Check their re launched webpage